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Oct 18,2021

Avirmax Presents Simple and Robust Technology Platform for AAV Production
Presentation Detailing Bac-to-AAV Sf9 Platform High-Titer, Downstream Purity and Safety

HAYWARD, Calif., [October 18, 2021]—Dr. Shawn (Shengjiang) Liu, President and CEO of Avirmax, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area Gene Therapy company, presented “A Simple and Robust rAAV Manufacturing System to Achieve High Titer and Quality Gene Therapy Vectors” during the BioProcessing International Conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and online.   

Avirmax believes genetic medicine is becoming an increasing trend of biopharmaceutical development and expected to be the future medicine due to its offering not only in the cure for rare genetic disorders but also the cure and/or reduced dosing frequency for treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Liu presents that among various types of viral vector system, Avirmax has demonstrated it can achieve these goals through its proprietary downstream process technology which is simple and robust, yields high titers up to 1E+15 vg/L, high quality of rAAV (high full/empty ratio), 80-100 vg/TCID50 and high purity at <1 ng of host cell protein per dose, if Bac-to-AAV Sf9 insect cells system were used.  

The manufacturing technology is applicable to various serotypes of AAV vectors.  The downstream process is applicable to human derived cell culture AAV production system i.e., HEK293 cells. Avirmax is building an internal cGMP facility for manufacturing clinical material to support both internal and external client projects.

For external manufacturing interest, please contact:

Aaron Boyer – Business Development
Email:[email protected]

About Avirmax, Inc.

Avirmax, Inc. a Delaware Corporation based in San Francisco Bay Area, is dedicated to innovate, develop, and manufacture adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector mediated biotherapeutics using its proprietary protein therapeutics and BAC-to-AAV technologies. The Avirmax Adeno-associated Vector Innovation Platform (AAVIP) enables us to become a powerhouse of rAAV therapeutics due to its very infectious AAV vectors with high titers at production and enhanced expression of gene of interest (GOI) in target cells. Our ultimate goal is to deliver patients with the effective, safe, long-acting AAV-mediated biotherapeutics in the most affordable and accessible manner.

Avirmax, Inc is dedicated to innovate and develop novel technologies to address current challenges in viral vector production using its state-of-the-art AAV bioprocess technologies in combination with Virovek’s BAC-to-AAV insect system. Avirmax has established robust rAAV vector production technologies for small and large-scale applications using Sf9-Baculovirus system.

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