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Ian Catchpole Ph.D.

Dr. Ian Catchpole, a technology innovator and scientific leader has an excellent track record of >25 years at GSK and legacy companies. He was a GSK Fellow overseeing scientific, business and strategic activities. He is a well-known expert in a range of disease areas especially in ophthalmology with novel technology approaches to tackle ocular diseases with biologics and via cell and gene therapy (CGT). He conducted extensive studies on anti-beta amyloid (Aᵦ) mAb in clinical trials for dAMD and demonstrated controlled-release of a novel domain antibody targeting VEGF for wAMD over 6 months in a NHP model. Dr. Catchpole was responsible for viral and non-viral vector gene therapy programs of GSK. He has managed 7 biological projects, 17 patent applications and 40 publications as well as regulatory submissions that culminated in dAMD Phase IIA clinical trial. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and an Inaugural GSK Fellow. He was the CSO of Horama and is a Contract CSO. Dr. Catchpole received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Dept. of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK.