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About Us

Welcome to Avirmax Inc.

Avirmax, Inc. based in San Francisco Bay Area, is dedicated to the innovation, development, and manufacture of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector mediated biotherapeutics using its proprietary protein therapeutics and Bac-to-AAV technologies. Avirmax’s AAV Innovation Platform, a robust streamlined assembly line of novel AAV vector discovery and development, enables us to become a powerhouse of rAAV therapeutics due to its highly transducible AAV vectors with high titers at production and enhanced expression of gene of interest (GOI) in target cells. Our ultimate goal is to deliver patients with effective, safe, long-acting AAV-mediated biotherapeutics in the most affordable and accessible manner possible.

Our Mission

We are striving to become a powerhouse of AAV gene therapeutics via persistent innovation and diligent practice.

Our Vision

We are developing solutions to provide patients with effective, safe, affordable, and accessible AAV-based gene therapy products.

Why Choose Us

We Design and Produce Quality AAV Vectors

High Titer

We deliver AAV vectors for gene therapy R & D at 1e+14 to 1e+17 vg per batch

Quick Delivery

It normally takes ~2 months to deliver a batch of 1e+14 to 1e+17 vg

Scalable Process

The manufacturing process is scaled down version of our large scale process based on single use systems (SUS).